postheadericon Twelve Days of Christmas - Day 11

"But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart."
- Luke 2:19

Today was pretty much the best day ever. My friends, Jason & Carrie, had their baby boy very early this morning. Baby Dexter entered the world right on schedule at 12:14am. Only we thought his due date was 12-14, not 12-22. Anyway, I got to go meet this little man this afternoon and I was in complete awe.

As I held him, I couldn't help but think about Mary holding baby Jesus. As Dexter made cute little noises, I wondered if Jesus did the same thing. As I felt his tiny feet kick against my hands, I pictured Jesus doing the same thing to Mary.

It's hard to imagine that the King of Kings was ever so tiny; so vulnerable. I looked at Dexter's tiny eyes and ears and nose and mouth and thought of Jesus. I rubbed his super soft head of hair and pictured our Lord. I am so thrilled to have this reminder of what it must have been like when Jesus was born. How Mary and Joseph must have felt. My friends say it still feels surreal. Do you suppose it felt that way to Mary and Joseph, too?

And here we learn that Mary treasured up all the things happening around her and pondered them in her heart. She was grateful. She was soaking it in. Much like how I felt today. Soaking in everything about this tiny, vulnerable life I held in my arms. This baby who doesn't even know me yet. This baby whose warmth radiated. This baby who brought me so much joy. This baby who somehow made me instantly fall head-over-heels in love.

Soak in all that's happening around you. Think about what God is teaching you. Store them in your heart. Christmas is almost here, prepare your heart for all that is to come.

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