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When Is Thailand Going to Close Its Schools?

August 18, 2021 Comments Off on When Is Thailand Going to Close Its Schools? By admin

I know you’re probably thinking, why is this article on the internet?

Why are people writing about it?

Well, it’s because there’s a problem.

And it’s not just about schools, it is a problem for the entire country.

The new year brings an uncertain future, with the Government proposing a new government in 2019 that will likely lead to an unprecedented wave of privatisation and a complete economic collapse.

We’re talking about schools.

I know this because I spent my first year of school in the Thai schools, in the south-east, and it was a disaster.

It was really difficult for kids.

It would be so hard for a family to afford a new flat, even though it’s free.

If you couldn’t afford it, it was very difficult to have a meal.

My father, a doctor, told me that when he came to Thailand, he’d never seen anything like it.

He had to make a living.

It’s not something that’s happening now, and that’s a terrible thing.

There is no such thing as a free lunch.

So why is it that Thailand’s economy is collapsing, when it should be in good hands?

Why is it the government is proposing a complete reorganisation of schools, and how can they possibly afford to fund it?

Because there’s nothing they can do about it, except close schools, privatise them and give away all the profits.

The Government has been trying to do that since 2012, when the country was still under the rule of a military dictatorship.

In 2012, it announced plans to open 1,000 new schools.

But there was a huge problem with this.

The school closures were supposed to happen in the first three months of 2019.

So it was going to happen that year, but it never happened.

Instead, the school closures took place in January 2019, the year before the election of the new government.

The government didn’t give any information about how many schools were going to be closed.

It didn’t say when, exactly.

It only said, “The Government is planning to close 1,500 schools”.

So that meant that there were 1,900 schools in the country, which, when you think about it at the time, was a lot.

So the Government decided to close the schools for three months, in January and February 2019.

In the meantime, the Government’s policy of shutting down schools for 3 months wasn’t going to work.

When the Government opened new schools, they would not open until the third week of February 2019, when they would be closed for three days.

The situation was completely unacceptable.

The schools were closed because they weren’t running, and there was no reason for that.

That was a big problem.

The children were crying because they couldn’t eat.

I remember one girl crying when I was sitting with her, because she couldn’t have breakfast.

The whole school was full of crying children.

There were no teachers, and the teachers were all gone.

The teachers weren’t supposed to be in the school.

They were in their homes.

The staff were gone.

There was no supervision.

The head teacher wasn’t there.

I can’t even tell you how many children were waiting for breakfast at school, when I visited the school a few days later.

And the staff were crying.

It wasn’t only kids, either.

I met parents who were going through a very difficult period in their childrens lives.

They couldn’t feed their children properly, because they had to go to the toilet and eat.

They had to wash their children and feed them.

They’d never had any school meals before, so they didn’t know how to feed their kids properly.

And that’s when the Government shut down schools, as well.

They weren’t even supposed to do it.

The kids were crying, the teachers weren’ t there.

But the Government was there, ready to take away their children’s rights, and then they opened the schools.

The students didn’t have any rights, they didn’ t know what they had rights for, they had no right to complain.

They didn’t even know how the system works, because the schools had no school management.

They just shut the schools down, because it was too dangerous.

The Children’s Rights Commission of Thailand has been investigating these problems for the last two years, and its report is out in December 2019.

It is damning.

And I think it’s time to put an end to this madness.

I met a schoolteacher at a meeting of the Child and Family Rights Committee, and she told me about the situation.

She had been at the school since her 16th birthday, and at that age she had no idea how to teach.

She was a little bit of a troublemaker.

The way the children were treated was so bad that she told the Committee that the children’s school was her “house” now.

That’s how they’re treated in Thai schools. This

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