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A year in the making, the EU-China deal

July 21, 2021 Comments Off on A year in the making, the EU-China deal By admin

A year ago, the European Union and China reached a landmark trade deal, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). 

The deal will boost the EU’s exports of agricultural products to China, and will bring in thousands of jobs.

It also sets up a special committee to monitor the deal, to ensure that it is not compromised by national interests.

However, the deal has been beset by difficulties.

Its failure to achieve the key criteria for ratification – transparency, sovereignty, and the rule of law – has prompted a bitter fight between Brussels and Beijing, which have been embroiled in a political and legal battle since the deal was agreed.

The EU’s trade commissioner, Viviane Reding, has made clear that the deal is no panacea for China.

She has repeatedly said that the EU and China should “work together to achieve a better deal”.

The EU has already secured commitments from China to boost trade in goods and services, including on intellectual property and intellectual property rights.

However, in the past few months, the Chinese government has also proposed to expand China’s access to EU markets, including through the “China Gateway” project, which will allow China to export goods directly to EU consumers.

As a result, the Europeans have had to deal with the possibility that China might be able to bypass the EU market, and sell products to other countries in the region, or even to China itself.

China has been criticised for its decision to allow EU member states to sell products directly to Chinese consumers, with the US blocking the EU from doing so.

The European Commission is now proposing to impose tariffs on Chinese goods to the extent that the Chinese imports exceed the EU goods, while also ensuring that Chinese companies comply with the rules of origin and destination.

The proposed tariffs will be imposed on Chinese products that reach the EU, as well as on products that cross EU borders.

However, the new proposed tariffs are unlikely to be enough to ensure the agreement reaches its intended target.

The agreement is also unlikely to contain all the promises made by the EU in the CETA, which include a commitment to “ensure that trade between the EU Member States and China is conducted on a level playing field and on a transparent, level playing legal and economic basis”.

Despite these promises, it is still unclear how the EU will achieve these goals, and what the EU is likely to do with the money from the deal. 

China has rejected the EU proposals as “irresponsible”, and has called for the treaty to be re-negotiated in order to reach a final deal.

When is this

July 1, 2021 Comments Off on When is this By admin


article I love the term ‘spec script’, but what is it exactly?

In short, a script is a piece of text that has been carefully constructed to look exactly like a code snippet, so that it can be used in code analysis.

In this case, the script is used to annotate the code of a Google search page, so the page can be searched for using the Google search engine.

Here’s what that script looks like: [{“id”:”qxq8w0p3″,”name”:”The Best Parts of the Code”,”content”:””,”author_name”:”Matt Storrs”,”link”:”http://www.thespinnersblog.com/2015/06/26/the-best-parts-of-the-code-for-google-search-search/”,”title”:”The Code: What are the best parts of the code?”,”publisher”:”The Pinners Blog”,”type”:”article”,”tags”:”Google Search”,”code”,”links”:[{“href”:”http:/​/​google.com\/search?q=code:google+search+search%2F”,”title”:””,”content”:”&text:%2Flibrary:Google+Search&amp.title&amp.;&amp:text&amp.:&”,”type”:”text/html”},{“href”:”https://www

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