‘The Mindy Project’ star Matt Bomer and Matt Bumer in ‘Mindy’: ‘We’ve got a lot of people’

‘The Mindy Project’ star Matt Bomer and Matt Bumer in ‘Mindy’: ‘We’ve got a lot of people’

July 13, 2021 Comments Off on ‘The Mindy Project’ star Matt Bomer and Matt Bumer in ‘Mindy’: ‘We’ve got a lot of people’ By admin

Mindy Kaling and Matt Lauer are in talks to co-star as the two women who become “the Mindy” and her new husband.

“Mindy” will be directed by Alex Kurtzman from a script he wrote with writer-director James L. Brooks.

It is expected to air in 2018.

“The Mindies” will also air on NBC in 2018 and 2019.

“Molly’s” “Minds of Weezers” and “Lucky” star John Leguizamo will also star in the show, which also will feature musical guest Jay-Z.

The “Mindies” spinoff will be titled “Mozart in the Jungle.”

The show will air on Lifetime in 2018, and the series will be produced by CBS Television Studios.

The series, from The CW, has been renewed for a second season.

“Lenny & Louise” creator Amy Sherman-Palladino will also be working on the series, with production expected to start next year.

“I’m excited to be joining the creative team,” Sherman-Peralooza said in a statement.

“We are thrilled to be bringing this timeless and beloved story to Lifetime.”

“The mind of Matt Boker and Matt Kuchar in the title of Mindy is in my head,” said Lauer, who has a comedy writing credit on the show.

“And Mindy and I have a lot in common.

We both love music.

We have two dogs and we’re both incredibly ambitious.”

The Mindy project was announced in March, just days after Bomer signed a multiyear deal with NBCUniversal.

“It is so humbling and inspiring to be able to work with both the creators and the writers of ‘Mindies,'” Kaling said in an NBC News statement.

Kaling will also direct “Moby Dick,” which is currently in postproduction.

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