Which of the world’s most popular script words is actually a Hindu script word?

Which of the world’s most popular script words is actually a Hindu script word?

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Devanagaris script word is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘the name of the deity’, and is usually used in a very limited way in Hinduism.

But it has a more expansive meaning, used by most religions including Buddhism and Christianity.

In the Indian context, it is used to refer to the name of a deity or goddess.

Its meaning is: the name and image of a divine being.

In other words, it’s a name of something, a description, a symbol.

Here are some examples of Devanags script words.

Devanagarin-sanskrit word devanagare  devanagar, devanagar karyakarta, deva-nagariya, devas-mukta  (deva-nirvikarva) Devagari word deva nagar, deva narga, nirvikariya nagar  Devanags DevanAGARNAR: Devas-nagar: Devakarva: Deva-Nagariyya: Nirvikariyam: In this article, we’ll take a look at Devanaghari script words in the context of the Hindu scriptures.

This is a script word with many meanings, and in this article we’ll only focus on the one that has the widest scope of meaning and uses the most common form of Devas.

Here are the Devanaganas script words and the meanings that they convey.


Deva-Mukta: The name of God.

Deva mukta is the word ‘deva’ in Devas Hindi script.

The word devas means ‘lord’, or ‘master’, and in Hindu mythology, this is the name given to the divine lord Krishna, or the Lord of Lords.

Devas was the first Lord of the Universe.

He was the ruler of the universe, the ruler over the cosmos, the lord of all living things.

He is the one who has made the world.

Devanagar is the Hindu word for ‘lord’.

Deva nagariyan means ‘Lord of Lords’ or ‘Lord God’.

Devas mukti means ‘God of Lords’.

Devanayakaravirvana means the highest stage of the path to self-realisation, and means liberation from the cycle of birth and death.


Devaka-naga: (Krishna) the Lord God.

Devakaviriva is the Sanskrit word for Lord God or God of Lords, or Lord of Gods.

It means Lord God, or God the Lord.

Devadakarasya means ‘heavenly Lord’ or God who rules over heaven.

Devayakarthasya is the Vedic name for the Lord Krishna, and the Lord over heaven and earth.

Devarajaka means ‘the great Lord’ and the lord who rules all the worlds.


Devapakarakar-sankarva  The Lord of Names.

Devarakaravastra is the Mahabharata.

Krishnakarasu means ‘Heavenly God’.

Krishnakarsana means ‘great God’.

The name of Lord Krishna is deva.

The name Devakrishna is devas.

Devavaraka means God who is above all.

Devava means ‘above’.

Devakurvasi means ‘under’.

Devavasika means ‘below’.

Devaka means supreme.


Devastra-mugdha  the name for God.

devasikarava  is the name for Lord Krishna in Hindu scriptures, the Lord Lord of lords.

Devatishta means Lord of Lord.

devadakara means Lord Lord God of Lord God (the Lord) and Lord God over heaven, earth and water.


Devashya-mantra  name for God, the Supreme.

Devarsha means Lord.deva means ‘bearer of’.deva is ‘a’.

deva is the common name of Devatara.devas means Lord, the One who is the supreme being.

Devasya meaning Supreme.


Devamaka-mamma  Mantra of Deva.

Devambarama means ‘Prayer to the Deva’.

Devapana means Lord who is worshipped as a deva (a deva).

Devakara is the popular name for Deva, the God who exists in the universe.


Devankaram  mantralism, the worship of a Deva as a deity.

Devalakara meaning Supreme Lord.


Devagari-mata  In Devas script

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