‘The Voice’ stars are all over Trump, his supporters

‘The Voice’ stars are all over Trump, his supporters

September 20, 2021 Comments Off on ‘The Voice’ stars are all over Trump, his supporters By admin

Donald Trump Jr. and his father have been a regular presence at campaign events since last month.

In the days since, Trump Jr., Trump’s eldest son, has joined the president’s inner circle in the spotlight.

In one particularly dramatic scene, Trump’s son is joined by the president at a campaign rally in North Carolina.

Trump Jr. said in an interview with NBC News, “This is what you call a real estate developer.”

Trump Jr.’s comments come after Trump Jr..

told ABC News he believes his father is using his fame to try to sway voters against Hillary Clinton.

“I don’t know how you get elected president if you don’t have the votes,” Trump Jr said.

“I think he is just using this as an opportunity to go after Hillary Clinton and try to convince people she’s not qualified.”

A number of prominent Republicans, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, have taken a hard line against Trump Jr and his brother, the president.

In recent weeks, Ryan has criticized the president for “spitting on” his father, and the Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee has called Trump Jr’s comments “outrageous.”

A statement from the Trump campaign didn’t address the comments.

Trump has been trying to rally support for his son, who has faced growing pressure from his own father on multiple fronts.

Trump himself was on the defensive on Thursday when he spoke with Fox News host Megyn Kelly, accusing the network of lying about his response to the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Trump also called the president a “loser” in a tweet, adding, “The only person I have a problem with is the president of the United States.”

Trump Jr., meanwhile, has said he has not spoken to his father in years.

His Twitter account has been active since March and he is scheduled to appear on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” this Sunday.ABC News’ Emily Smith contributed to this report.

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