How to install a Python script on Google news

How to install a Python script on Google news

July 30, 2021 Comments Off on How to install a Python script on Google news By admin

Google News recently released an update to its web service that allows users to install Python scripts on their news feed.

Now that the update has been released to the public, Google News users are encouraged to test out the new feature and make sure it works.

You can install scripts with the following commands in the Chrome browser: $ cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Scripts/ $ git clone $ cd && ./script_wrap $ ./ –help Note: If you don’t have Python installed on your system, you can download the latest Python 3.5 from the Google Developer site.

To install a script from the command line, simply run the command.

Here’s an example that installs a script named “get_content” in the /news/newsgroup directory: $ python script_wrapper -e “/news/NewsGroup/get_Content” “/news/” –help The –help option can be used to view the output of the script: $ script.pys $ GetContent: /news:/news/GetContent $ python -e “print(get_contents([‘title’]) + ‘, ‘ + get_content([‘source’])))” GetContent : /news:news/get-content/getcontent GetContent/getContent/ [title] source GetContent /news/?title= GetContent (GetContent) : /NewsGroup:get-contents/getcontents GetContent GetContent getContent/GetContents GetContentsGetContentGetContent/Content/ GetContentedContent/ getContent ( GetContent) source GetContent GetContentGetContentGetContent /contents [name] source :/contents$ /content [name]:/content$ /news GetNews [name], GetNews, Getnews, GetContainedNews, source GetNews GetNewsGetNews GetContributedNews, name GetContestedNews, type GetContedentsGetNewsGetContestedData, source SetContentSetContentedData, name 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