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Last Tuesday, I received a phone call that I wasn't prepared for. This world lost one of the brightest lights I have ever had the great pleasure of knowing. Isaac, you touched my life in ways you will probably never know or understand, but I have been forever changed by knowing you.

Brent and Michaela, I am so proud of you. Not only because you raised an incredible young man in Isaac, and are continuing to do so in Brady and James. But also because you have show such courage, grace, strength, hope, and humility in the face of something I cannot even imagine. Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives and for offering me such love. I love you more than I can express. While my words pale in comparisson to yours, I hope they bring a glimmer of who Isaac was to me and countless others.

Fly High

They say pictures are worth a thousand words

And I say yours are worth a million
As I sift through all these old photographs
I think how your name means “He who laughs”

They say that only the good die young
And I say that you were one of the best
I wasn’t ready to say goodbye
When God called you home to be by His side

They say one day we will meet again
And I say I’ll rejoice when that day comes
You found your Easter hope before me
And now you can rest in eternal peace

God says that He calls us each by name
And I say He welcomed you home, Isaac
I hope you danced with Jesus that night
With your mismatched socks and your eyes so bright

God says you’ll dwell in His house forever
And I say one day I’ll join you there
Until then, my friend, let the angels sing
Fly high, Sir Isaac; on eagles’ wings

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