postheadericon Grounded on a Sweet Spring Evening

It's been two years and two months since I've posted on this blog... But I suppose now is as good of a night as any. Today was a bit of a rough day for me, but I was blessed to be able to relax at home with my parents for a couple of hours this evening. As we sat on the deck, I worked through a "grounding exercise," or so my therapist calls it, in my head. As I drove home a couple of hours later, this is what came out of me...

I see the orange breasts of the orioles fluttering midair as they fight, or perhaps dance.

I see a strong and sturdy knight staring back at me through his mask; protector of the garden.

I see a blue jay swoop to the ground so quickly that I wince as I prepare for him to get injured with the impact, but land so gracefully my breath catches in my throat.

I see a watering can. Its metal shell a cold, stark contrast to all the life happening around it.

I see a lazy, black dog relaxing at my feet. His deep, slow breaths filling me with a sense of calm as I feel a rhythm to this evening emerging.

I hear water running in the fountains. Dripping and splashing. The memory of buying one with my dad last summer brings a smile to my face as I close my eyes and let myself focus on only the water...the healing and cleansing water.

I hear birds chirp all around me. Are they communicating with each other? With me? Amazing grace, oh what a sweet, sweet sound!

I hear the soft breeze rustle through the trees. Like God and like love, I cannot see the wind. But I hear it. I sense and feel it. I know it's all around me.

I hear my own breath. As I begin to think about it, I hear myself hold it for only just a moment. But then I hear the rhythm again. I find peace in my own body.

I smell my mom's bug spray. It's comforting somehow. It smells like baby powder with a hint of something...vanilla, maybe? It reminds me of her and transports me instantly to the golf course.

I smell barbeque sauce, sweet and tangy, wafting from the kitchen. I don't really even like barbeque sauce, but I cherish quiet, casual, unplanned evenings like this with just Mom and Dad so I don't mind.

I smell spring. The air a mixture of flowers, fresh rain, humidity (how do I even smell that?), sweat, and jelly all colliding together.

I taste Mom's iced tea on my tongue. Somehow bitter, but just a tiny bit sweet. Cool and refreshing as I let it slowly pour down my sore, dry, tired throat.

I taste the bug spray that still hangs in the air. Vanilla, definitely vanilla.

I feel content. Loved. Home.

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0 # Lorelei 2017-05-26 06:58
This is beautifully poetic!
0 # Janet 2017-06-20 12:13
I try occasionally. Thank you!
0 # Ingy 2017-05-26 16:25
Wow, I appreciate our yard even more!
0 # Janet 2017-06-20 12:14
Thanks Mom!